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Rebel Without A Crew

The Good Exorcist

Greywood's Plot

Shakespeare's Shitstorm









Animator/Visual Effects


Animation Director





At the age of 11, Josh knew he wanted to do one thing with his life: make cartoons. After convincing his dad to let him use the family video camera, he learned how to create simple, homemade stopmotion animations. That was the beginning of it all. He started taking classes and learning everything he could about animation.

Cut to a few years later: Josh graduated on the Dean's List from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. While working a series of boring, overnight jobs, Josh continued to animate and eventually began working with Kevin Smith and Smodco creating cartoons based on the Smodcast podcast. It was only time before Josh started creating and pitching his own cartoons. His company Flush Studios has created multiple short films, animations, pilots, and even created a scene for the movie "TUSK". 

He has served as a director for 1517 Media, finished two feature films, and was featured on Robert Rodriguez's television show Rebel Without a Crew: The Series. 


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